Unlocking the value of data

By creating a service on top of your data you can unlock new revenue.

Maintain all legal & ethical standards of data use

Our unique approach to data monetization allows our clients to maintain alignment with tough EU data privacy & security standards.

Population analytics & targeted marketing

Using corporate big data Market Locator has shown how data can empower businesses and smart cities with insight & communication possibilities.

Interested in monetizing your data?

Put your data to work, create new value and a unique service for your customers.

Market Locator delivers population analytics & targeted mobile marketing.

Market Locator successfuly implements a data monetization strategy for major telco provider

by providing a unique targeted marketing and population analytics solution for B2B customers based on anonymized residual telco data. Customers of Slovak Telekom (Deutsche Telekom Group) have thus gained access to a self-service campaigning solution and hard-data based analytics.

How do you

use your data?

Are you interested in finding out how other companies put their data to work? Get in touch with us to find out how you could monetize your data

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Telco Expense Mangement

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Telecom Expense Management Consulting

The quality of communication channels (data as well as voice) has an un-ignorable effect on the day-to-day life of every company...

Big Data Monetization

Industries such as telco, banking, travel or retail are full of valuable insights. We have experience from implementing a data monetization strategy at several top telco companies. Let us help you as well.

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